Scala parse almost ISO Datetime String with TimeZone adjustment

Scala Example to parse almost ISO Date time string,  convert to proper time zone and regenerate as ISO standard string.
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  To Compile:
     scalac exParseISOTimeStr.scala
  To Run:
     scala exParseISOTimeStr
// exParseISOTimeStr.scala
import java.time._
import java.time.format.DateTimeFormatter
object exParseISOTimeStr {
 def main(args: Array[String]){
 val barDateTime = "2014-01-27 13:21:00.000" // assume EST due to stock data source
 println("starting datesTimeStr=s" + barDateTime);
 // Simple parse only the date 
 val simpDate = LocalDate.parse("2015-01-27");
 System.out.printf("Simple Date %s\n", simpDate);
 // parse Bar format which is almost ISO
 // using custom format string 
 // assumes it is local time.
 val formatter = DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS")
 val barDate1 = LocalDateTime.parse(barDateTime,formatter);
 System.out.printf("barDate1 %s\n", barDate1);
 val aFmtStr1 = barDate1.format(formatter); // Convert back original format
 val asISOStr1 = barDate1.toString(); // Convert back to ISO format
 System.out.printf("adTimex1 format=%s almostISO=%s\n", aFmtStr1, asISOStr1);
 // Parse Bar format but properly handle the 
 // fact the bar Times are supplied in EST
 // we need to reflect this or it can make future
 // time comparisons for servers running in PST
 // incorrect.
 val barDate2 = LocalDateTime.parse(barDateTime,formatter);
 val zoneTimex2 = barDate2.atZone(ZoneId.of("EST", ZoneId.SHORT_IDS))
 // tell the system that time is actually in EST time zone
 System.out.printf("zonedTime asISO=%s\n", zoneTimex2.toString());
 // Convert the timezone adjusted time to ISO Time
 // string then re-parse it.
 val zoneTimeStr = zoneTimex2.toString();
 val rpZoneTime = ZonedDateTime.parse(zoneTimeStr);
 System.out.printf("time asIOS=%s reParsedTime=%s\n", zoneTimeStr,rpZoneTime); 


    Uses SimpleDateFormat rather than DateTimeFormatter
    Explains zoned Date time
    Java Date Time package documentation
    Documents Date Time Formats

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