I apologize in advance for items missed in the reference section.   These topics are pretty broad  there are  millions of articles covering some aspect of these topics.  The most I can  provide here is a subset of the articles I found useful.

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Machine Learning Links

  • Bayes / Bayesian General overview

They Bayes topic can be divided into two major categories  Bayesian Inference and Bayesian classification.    These are two very different approaches with very different implementation constraints but they can be applied either together or in isolation.

Naive  Bayesian classification can be limited in accuracy for some domains so it has been extended with Boosted Trees and many other proprietary approaches which adjust the weight of statistical features to influence the output.   The  Bayes Analytic Engine includes several extended techniques for the same purpose.

 The Bayes classifier output can be combined with other ML techniques to provide Prediction capability which is also used in the Bayes Analytic system.

Machine Learning Overview


Machine Prediction / Predictive Analytics

Javascript Machine Learning


F# Machine Learning

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